Name and center of the association

Article 1:

A) The name of the association; Yörük Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association.

B) Short name of the association; It is YÖRSİAD.

C) The association center; It is Antalya.

The Association may open branches in Turkey and abroad with the decision of the General Assembly.

Fields of Activities and Forms to be Sustained in the Association for the Purpose of this Association

Association Purpose

Article 2: Association. Coordination and co-operation among nomadic businessmen to the highest level. It has been established to contribute to the economic and social development of our country and to create regional, sectoral and national economic policies.

Working Topics and Forms to be Sustained in the Association

1) To maximize the coordination and cooperation between nomadic businessmen. Work in order to do.

2) It contributes to the economic and social development of our country and undertakes necessary studies to establish regional, sectoral and national economic policies.

3) To actively evaluate the potentials, to develop projects, to deal with problems related to the business world. In order to announce the solution proposals to the public and to the authorized institutions, it makes the necessary studies to establish the common working ground by providing the power union among the members.

4) To work for civil society institutionalization and expansion of private entrepreneurship, to develop the pioneer and entrepreneurial qualities of the society by owning the problems of industry and business people, to educate the public and members about the environment and human health, ecology and ecosystem health and to cooperate with the public. Do necessary work for.

5) To make ethical values ​​in the business world and to work with consciousness of social responsibility.

6) To provide businessmen with acquaintance and integration, to increase information exchange in professional matters, to improve relations with private and official institutions where members are concerned. It produces ideas on economic, cultural and social issues that concern our country and conducts scientific research on various issues.

7) Supports policies aimed at improving the legal and institutional infrastructure of the market economy, using the country's natural resources in the most effective way supported by technological innovations, increasing the efficiency and quality of the environment, and increasing the competition power.

8) Can work to spread the entrepreneurial spirit in society. Encourages entrepreneurs, encourages vocational training and produces solutions to sectoral problems.

9) Contributes to the creation of policies aimed at increasing the quality, productivity and competitive power of natural resources and human resources in an effective manner supported by technological innovations.

10) Supports the implementation of education and training activities in line with employment and economic needs.

Seminars, panels, symposiums, conferences, examination trips, etc. in order to inform the members about the latest developments in export, import, investment and management issues and to facilitate the supply of goods and services in their fields. Events. It makes reports and contributes to the interests of members and the public with the contribution of specialists and organizations in these matters.

12) Encourages work to develop the necessary health infrastructure.

13) Cooperate with universities and scientific research institutions.

14) Supports social, cultural, artistic and sportive activities and pioneers and helps the socially beneficial works.

15) It publishes periodical bulletins or magazines in order to provide communication between the members and inform them about the developments.

16) The association contributes to the development of the project members.

17) Creates a movement of thoughts and actions in line with its aims by transmitting opinions and proposals on various issues to the public directly through the parliament, the authorities, international organizations and the press.

18) Develop opinions and recommendations from the members and transmit them to the necessary official and private persons, institutions and the public.

19) The information that the members of the Association have obtained, the judgment of the judiciary; Determining the obstacles they have encountered and ensuring that both their members and others have access to legal, economic, production, compliance, welfare, development, scientific, social, environmental, consumer, education, youth, taxation, finance, employment, human rights, technology, trade and intellectual property Rights etc. Make researches about the damages they can see in them and their sanctions and their benefits.

20) Real estate savings, all kinds of servitude, including mortgages, acquiring rights, such as lease, acquire, abandon and abandon.

21) Can establish a federation to achieve its objectives; The federation established or joined as a member of the founder.

22) Establishes and operates economic and industrial enterprises.

23) Education and training can encourage the establishment of educational institutions in these areas, recognizing it as a key element of development. With the decision of the board of directors, it can give all kinds of scholarships at home and abroad, and can do any kind of research in social, economical and social issues. We believe that our development is balanced and social justice is necessary on a regular basis. Because capital, labor and enterprise are the main complementary elements, it helps to develop in a beneficial cooperation in the development of the country by protecting their rights.

24) Receives and gives all kinds of cash and donations both in Turkey and abroad; Conditional and unconditional wills.

25) Purchase, lease or sell movables / immovable properties with commercial and technical rights such as intellectual property rights, know-how, franchising; Install and operate all kinds of rights on non-corrosive goods, and carry out all kinds of construction.

26) They are involved in initiatives to establish and implement policies, opening up investments and exports.

27) Companies can make efforts to increase global competitive power. It can take part in international organizations, cooperate.

28) Inform members about fairs and exhibitions in Turkey and abroad, and may organize exhibitions or exhibitions if necessary.

29) attaches importance to international relations; At the institutional, sectoral and national levels, to develop opportunities for experience, cooperation and joint ventures.

30) Associations established abroad may cooperate with federation confederations, organizations or organizations, engage in international activities and, if necessary, participate in these organizations as a member, provided that they have legal permission.

31) The Association may invite the members of associations or organizations in foreign countries to Turkey or may send the persons authorized by the members of the board of directors to third persons who have the right to become members or members of associations in accordance with the invitations of foreign associations or organizations.

32) Natural and historical heritage conservation, cultural promotion, tourism development can work, can produce projects. It may carry out collaborative works with public institutions and private institutions on these issues. It conducts informing activities on this subject through visits, conferences, written and visual media.

33) Can organize workshops, seminars, conferences and courses about natural disasters (forest fire, erosion, flood, flood, earthquake etc.), traffic rules, traffic accidents, , Memorial forest, private forest etc. Do afforestation work.

34) Providing the development of social, cultural, technological, legal, professional, educational and economic fields, activities are carried out in order to raise awareness in the fields of outward opening and globalization, with or without associations. It encourages, makes and can do conferences, seminars and research.

35) may be involved in the work for the development of the Turkish Capital and Money Markets and may participate in the activities and activities on these issues, develop suggestions, and participate through capital markets institutions.

36) In order to provide domestic and foreign general, commercial and vocational training for the members, education, panel and symposium etc. may be carried out in this matter.

37) Establishes the necessary electronic and internet infrastructure for the communication and communication of the members in the electronic environment and works on establishing the information bank and archive.

38) Endeavors to achieve a balanced development by eliminating regional development disparities, and undertakes regional and sectoral planning studies.

39) The development of the consciousness of social reconciliation takes initiatives for workers and employers to work in cooperation and harmoniously focused on national development, and to do so.

40) The association cooperates with federation and federation member associations and other institutions and organizations to cooperate in the direction of the same purpose and study subjects; Encourages and supervises the cooperation of its members. If he obtains his legal permission, he cooperates with international organizations for his purposes.

41) To provide all kinds of information, documents, documents and publications necessary for the realization of the purpose, to establish a documentation center, to issue bulletins and bulletins to distribute the works,

42) To provide a healthy working environment for the realization of the purpose, provide all kinds of technical tools and accessory, fixtures and stationery materials.

43) To carry out aid collection activities and to accept donations at home and abroad, provided that necessary permissions are taken,

44) Local opening, social and cultural facilities are established and furnished so that members can evaluate their leisure time and leisure time.

45) In order to develop and maintain the human relations between the members, it is possible to organize dinner meetings, concerts, promos, theater, exhibitions, sports, excursions and entertaining activities. Organize or provide members with access to such activities,

46) In order to realize the purpose of the association, financial assistance from similar associations, workers 'and employers' unions and professional associations and assistance to the said institutions,

47) To carry out joint projects in public institutions and organizations in the fields of their duties, without prejudice to the provisions of Law No. 5072 on Associations and Foundations of the Public Institutions and Organizations,

48) Establishing a crate and food banking to meet the necessities of the members of the association such as food, clothing and other goods and services. Scholarships are awarded to successful students.

49) Where necessary, branches are opened as well as representations.

Association Activity Area

The association operates in the social field.

Membership About and Membership Process

Article 3 - Any natural or legal person who possesses an ability to act and who accepts to work in this direction by adopting the purposes and principles of the association and who meets the conditions stipulated by the legislation shall be entitled to be a member of this association. However, in order for foreign real persons to become members, it must also have the right to a settlement in Turkey. This condition does not apply to honorary membership. The application for membership to be made in writing to the President of the Association shall be made in the form of rejection or rejection of membership within maximum thirty days of the board of directors of the association and the result shall be notified to the applicant in writing. The member accepted for the application is recorded in the book which will be kept for this purpose. The members of the Association are the original members, the founders of the association and the ones who are accepted as a member of the board of directors upon their application. Those who have provided substantial support for the association in material and spiritual terms can be accepted as honorary members by the decision of the board of directors. When the association's branch is opened, the membership records of those registered at the association's center are transferred to the branches. New membership registrations are made to the branches. Acceptance of membership and deletion from membership shall be carried out by the branch management boards and shall be notified to the Headquarters in writing in maximum thirty days.

Leave membership

Article 4 - Each member has the right to leave the association, provided that he / she is notified in writing.

The departure procedures that the members have reached to the resignation petition administration board are deemed to be concluded. The departure from membership does not end the accumulated debts of associates.

Removing Membership

Article 5 - Conditions requiring removal from association membership.

1- Being in contradiction to the charter of the association,

2- Avoidance of assigned tasks,

3- Not paying the membership fee within six months despite written reasons,

4- Failing to comply with the decisions made by the association organs,

5- Having lost the conditions of membership,

If any of the above conditions is found, it can be removed from the membership by decision of the board of directors.

Members who are removed or removed from the association are deleted from the member registry and can not claim rights to the association property.

Association Organs

Article 6- The party organs are shown below.

1- General Assembly,

2- The board of directors,

3- Inspection board.