President's Message

The Yörükler who lived and lived with the essence and original of the Turkish Culture all over Turkey has provided unity and unity of our nationality.

We headed this way to know the value of the lands we lived as nomads and to represent the trust of our ancestors who lived in the past in the most beautiful way. And everyone who supports us on this path is presenting my respects and thanking you.

Yörüklük is known; Today, the tent of the Turkish Nation, a living place, has been thrown, kept to that yeast, and the great Turkish Nation has come to fruition. The nomads have taken the "original" Turkish culture everywhere they go or where they are sent. The Turkish Culture, which started to deteriorate by mixing with other cultures in the cities, lived and still lives for centuries among the Yörükler in its most original and correct form. As YÖRSİAD, we aim to make our past day by day by aiming this principle to ourselves. With this historical heritage we have established the Turkish Yörük Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association in order to show the effectiveness of the Turkish business world in the global economic market.

Our vision as an association is moving from the common heritage of Yörük Culture, one of the national and spiritual values ​​of Anatolia, to liberalism; We aim to contribute to the economic and social development of our country and to make regional, sectoral and national policies, to maximize the coordination and cooperation among our members, to develop the projects related to Yoruk culture protection and survival projects. And supporting the formations are our most important goals.

Today, Yörükler, who lives and lived with the essence of Turkish culture and originality, has provided unity and unity of our nationality all over Turkey. We are a young and dynamic team that brings the cooperation we see from our ancestors to the highest level and makes production as Yorrisad, provides employment and contributes to the economy. Yörsiad members; I am most grateful to them for contributing to my nationality and my country, and as a business man I would like to thank them for smoking in other janitories and for allowing other people to take home bread.

Best regards