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About GLR Building Company


The value source of every project we take is "trust". From every angle, 360 degrees of each project. This trust we feel for ourselves as a GLR structure is a great circle that includes all of our solution partners, employees, suppliers and stakeholders.


The head of everything is "faith." We believe that the only way to ensure the permanence and permanence of our values ​​is through this feeling, just as we do not sign any project we do not believe.


Our vision is based on "making a difference". We aim to be the first brand that comes to mind with our differences in all our projects. At this point, we do not give up our projects, we try not to try, we do not give up going.


We are directing these dreams of individuals who want to realize their dream to invest in the future together with us. By acting proactively in the sector we are in, shaping those dreams today, we look at our projects in the future. As we pass them on, we strive to be a "leader" that guides the existing dreams.


In all of our projects we determine and implement principles respectful of human beings and the environment. We are responsible for nature when we do our work, our most basic thoughts about "respect", "quality" and "aesthetic concern" against human needs.


Private and corporate investors are the basis of our target organization. For this reason, we choose our project locations from places that will gain value in the future. We make a lot of choices when we choose, we spend time and we never feel sorry for this time. For us, this process is just like the sensitivity of a miner in the search for diamonds between rocks. And this approach proves more than just how much the right choices are made when we think that we have earned our investors.


To maintain and continually improve our system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System. To realize the constantness of the customer, to realize the appropriate product in accordance with the customer satisfaction and request and to deliver on time. To reduce the cost and continuously improve the quality of the product, To protect the environment and to use our resources in such a way as to minimize our waste. To ensure that every work we do is continuous and correct in the first place. We work in accordance with international standards and legal requirements.


Being the first brand to come to mind with the differences in each area where it operates.


We are constructing structures that are powerful, experienced and sub-constructive, using resources efficiently, economically, qualitatively and valuable so that people can enjoy the conditions they deserve without waiting.

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