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İsmail ömer Bilal Sigorta ve Aracılık Hizmetleri

0 242 259 39 36

0 242 259 32 74

Burhanettin Onat Cd. Ekim Sitesi No:68/A Antalya

İsmail ömer Bilal Sigorta ve Aracılık Hizmetleri Hakkında

About BİLALLER Company
Our company is a well-established company that lives in the 54th year of the BILLS. It was founded in 1956 under the leadership of MEHMET BİLAL. MEHMET BİLAL started to serve for KOÇ community by taking his brothers Mustafa Aytekin BİLAL and Ahmet BİLAL with him. Over the past 52 years, working with the KOÇ Group for BİLALER has become an indispensable task to serve them. At the same time it is a great honor. İsmail Ömer BİLAL chose the goal to progress in the same way under his leadership.

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