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Hilmi Beken Tur.Pet.Ürü Ltd.Şti.

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Altınkale Mh. Akdeniz Blv. No: 168 - 170 Döşemealtı/ANTALYA

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About Hilmi Beken Company

Mehmet Hilmi Beken was born in 1944 in Antalya. After completing his primary and secondary education, he was active in various professions. He entered the fuel sector in 1959 when he started to work as a pumpman at Enishesin Station at Kırkgöz Mevkii. In the 60's and 70's he worked as an administrator and a manager in various stages of his education. In 1976, the first plant was taken over by the Shell station located at Yeniköy on the old Antalya Burdur road. By observing the needs of the customers and opening a mini market within the fuel station, Hilmi Beken, who has signed a first in Turkey, has started to provide additional services to the customers who make long journey especially by creating bathrooms, car wash areas, relaxation areas, laundry washing units. The facility, which was operational at the beginning of 1989, proved to be a station where many innovations were offered around the world by UNESCO in 1990 receiving UNESCO ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH PRIZE awarded by UNESCO for the first time in the world for its outstanding achievements in Cleaning and Hygiene.

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